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Foster Care Other Ways to Help

Not ready to become a foster parent?
There are still ways you can help!

How about:

  • Sponsoring a child’s stay at summer camp?
  • Donating tutoring sessions?
  • Sponsoring extracurricular activities such as dance lessons or music classes?
  • Sponsoring a child’s uniform for a sports team or choral group?
  • Providing a gift certificate to a book store?
  • Donating tickets to a local event?
  • Purchasing a computer for a college-bound teenager?
  • Donating care packages for college-bound teens or teens aging out of care?
  • Supporting the cost of orthodontia?
  • Helping with prom or graduation expenses?
  • Sponsoring a child’s visit to a hair salon or barbershop?
  • Purchasing gift cards for youth as Christmas gifts?
  • Donating backpacks stuffed with school supplies?

Contact DSCYF_FosterCare@delaware.gov for more information on how to help a child in foster care.

You can also volunteer with the Delaware-based organization Foster Well. Foster Well’s Care Team Program matches foster homes with volunteers who provide emotional or practical support, like providing groceries or a meal, for a family every so often. Find more information here.

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