Funded through a five-year $2.225 million federal grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Delaware Child Psychiatry Access Program (DCPAP) provides pediatric primary care professionals with free child psychiatry consultation and behavioral health training.

Interested providers, including pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants caring for patients up to age 21, can register for DCPAP by calling 302-513-0929, emailing DSCYF_DCPAP@delaware.gov or filling out the DCPAP enrollment form at this link.

Enrollment Benefits & Resources

Enrolled providers will also have access to a newsletter, articles and information on behavioral health disorders, and live and recorded webinars. FREE Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits accompany most training sessions.

Once providers are enrolled, they can request a consultation with a child psychiatrist.  This consultation is often provided the same day as the request.  Behavioral health resources provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker are also available to help address patients’ needs. These services aim to help expand providers’ skill and comfort in managing their patient’s behavioral health disorders within their practice, streamlining the care of their patient. Providers interested in a consultation or more information can call the DCPAP “warm line” at 302-513-0929 or fill out the DCPAP Service Request Form.

Consultations often focus on questions about diagnosis, screenings, medications and treatment choices for behavioral health disorders.

Enrolled Providers – Fill out the DCPAP Service Request Form

Training Opportunities

DCPAP also offers various training and education opportunities for pediatric providers and the general behavioral health community. These training sessions are offered virtually and available for FREE Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Visit our new Learning Management System to register for DCPAP training opportunities! Registration is simple. Click on this link to set up login information and a profile. You will be able to access trainings that are eligible for FREE Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. You can also email DSCYF_DCPAP@delaware.gov to sign up for any trainings as well.

DCPAP Learning Management System – Click Here to Register and Access Trainings

The DCPAP Consultation “How To”

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