Federal Reports

Survey of Sexual Victimization Report 

The Survey of Sexual Victimization Report is a U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, annual report that collects data from state operated juvenile facilities on youth-on-youth and staff-on-youth sexual assault and harassment incidents. This report complies with the PREA standard on Data Collection §115.387 (f).

This report does not identify incidents by specific facility, nor does it include data on contracted residential facilities.

Auditor Reports

Calendar year 2015 was the first year DYRS facilities were audited for PREA compliance as referenced under PREA Standard §115.393: “Audit of Standards.” Listed below are the final audit reports of Delaware’s state facilities as well as Delaware’s contracted juvenile facilities.

Division Reports

DYRS PREA Annual Report

The DYRS PREA Annual Report provides information on the number of reported allegations by specific state operated and contracted juvenile justice residential facilities.  Data includes the type of allegation, if the allegation was either youth-on-youth or staff-on-youth, and the result of the investigation.
This report complies with PREA standard §115.387 (b): “Data Collection”, and PREA standard §115.388 (c): “Data Review for Corrective Action,” on providing an “approved annual report” to the general public.

“Workers Trained in PREA” Report

The Workers Trained in PREA report provides information on the number of direct care staff and non-direct care staff who received education in PREA during calendar years 2013 to 2017.   DYRS new workers who work directly with youth receive 3 hours of training, and 1 hour refresher training every 18 months.  Any worker, contractor, or volunteer who has potential contact with youth in DYRS state operated facilities is required to become educated about PREA.  These include maintenance workers, Information Systems technicians, mentors, volunteers, contractors, etc.  They receive no more than 1 hour of training.

Training provided by the Department complies with PREA Standards on Training and Education: § 115.331, §115.332, and §115.335.

“PREA Annual Report Admissions identified as a PREA Risk” Report 

The PREA Annual Report Admissions identified as a PREA Risk report provide the number of youth who were identified as a PREA risk at a DYRS state facility during the intake process; as compared to the total number of intakes during the year.

As part of the resident intake process, workers obtain information from youth regarding their vulnerabilities to sexual abuse. This complies with PREA Standard § 115.341: “Obtaining Information from Residents.”