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Ferris School is a secure care, ACA accredited treatment facility providing services for up to 72 court committed males, ages 13 to 18. The average length of stay is six months, followed by a six-week transition program. Youth committed to Ferris are identified as serious and/or chronic repeat offenders, who pose a risk to themselves or others and require intensive rehabilitative treatment.

Ferris offers a structured learning environment that integrates all elements of rehabilitation: Education, programming, treatment, and therapeutic clinical programs at the start of each day. Programming is individualized and prescriptive to meet the needs of the youth. Staff is trained to view every interaction with the youth as a learning opportunity to enhance their pro-social skills. Throughout the youth’s stay, treatment staff maintains contact with the family to assist with a successful family reunification.

Youth programming includes: Drug and alcohol treatment, conflict resolution, aggression replacement training, violence prevention, gun violence, victim sensitivity, and youth mentoring services. Treatment staff facilitate programming and are required to have a bachelor’s degree in education or behavioral science.

In 2018 Ferris School was honored to receive the Barbara Allen Hagen award from PbS (Performance Based Standards) for their improvement plan of reducing youth assaults and fights.

Ferris School Lacrosse Team YouTube Video:

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Academic Education
In addition to having certified teachers through the Department of Education, Ferris School also has an established mentorship program to enhance the academic learning environment.  The Ferris Mentor Program currently has 25 active mentors.

Seven Challenges

Family Engagement

Behavior Management




Ferris School for Boys Contact Information

Mailing Address: 959 Centre Road, Building #15, Wilmington, DE 19805
Email: yrs.dscyf@delaware.gov
Main Number: 302-993-3800
Facsimile: 302-993-3820