DYRS directorJohn Stevenson became Director for the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services on March 1, 2018. Mr. Stevenson has dedicated his life’s work to helping people in his various roles in the field of social services.  He began his career at the Delaware Home Hospital for the Chronically Ill in the Division of Health and Social Services and came to the Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families when he accepted a promotion that led him to Ferris School in the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services.

While with DSCYF, he transferred to Brenford Residential Treatment Center in the Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services, where he quickly became the youth rehabilitation counselor supervisor.  He developed incredible community ties when he worked with the Early Intervention Unit at Bancroft Elementary School as a family crisis therapist with the Division of Family Services. He then honed his leadership skills as the program manager for the Terry Children’s Center until he was promoted and returned to the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services as the superintendent of The Stevenson House Detention Center. After his retirement from the State of Delaware, John accepted a position with the Office of Commitment Facilities for the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. John subsequently resigned that position to accept the directorship with the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services.