Susan A. Cycyk, M.Ed., CRC, Director
Julie Leusner, Psy.D., Deputy Director

Phone: 302-633-2600
e-FAX: 302-622-4475

Who we are?

We are the division within the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families that provides prevention and behavioral healthcare services. We serve Delaware families through prevention and early intervention programs that promote safe and healthy children, nurture families and communities, support social and academic success, and improve early identification of needs. We also serve eligible families of children and youth (through age 17) with behavioral health treatment needs.

We envision a Delaware with Resilient Children and Families Living in Supportive Communitiesand believe we will realize that vision through our mission to develop and support a family-driven, youth-guided, trauma-informed prevention and behavioral healthcare system.

The statewide DPBHS continuum includes a range of prevention programs and campaigns, early intervention services, treatment programs, and care coordination support designed to promote resiliency and well-being. Service options have varying intensity levels in order better meet the needs of children, youth, and families.

DPBHS is committed to providing services within a child-centered and family-driven system of care framework. We understand that children and youth today often experience or witness traumatic events. Therefore, we strive to deliver services in a trauma-informed manner that respects each individual’s journey.

DPBHS’ treatment services are accredited under the Business and Services Management Standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). In addition, contracted and/or state operated treatment providers within the DPBHS network are licensed, where appropriate, and most are accredited under one of the nationally recognized accrediting agencies such as CARF, JCAHO, COA or CHAP.

DPBHS Strategic Plan

In DPBHS, we believe that we must continually strive to improve our system and seek to incorporate best practices and research-proven programming into the work of our division. Our strategic plan helps to keep us on track and remind us of our current goals. Our current plan includes broad-based goals with actionable objectives to help us reach those goals. The plan will serve as a framework, but will be changed and updated as we progress and our needs change.

The DPBHS Strategic Plan was developed by the Division’s leadership team in collaboration with contributing staff in each of our program areas.

“…By definition, a real plan is never final; it is a living document. As we move forward to accomplish our goals, we will learn new information that may be incorporated into our process and change how we move forward.”

Susan Cycyk, Director 

Questions regarding the strategic planning process should be addressed to Susan Burns at:

Questions regarding specific goals, objectives, etc. should be addressed to the person identified as the lead within the plan.

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