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Foster Care FAQs

I have children of my own. Can I still be a foster or adoptive parent?

Yes! As a foster parent, you can have up to five children living in your home, including your own.

Can we foster or adopt a sibling group?

Yes! Family connections are important. We attempt to keep siblings together.

I’m not sure if I want to foster or adopt.

That’s okay. Most folks need more information before they make a commitment. Orientation sessions are provided to share information in order to help you make this decision.

Do foster parents get paid?

No, foster parents do not get paid, however, they receive a non-taxable stipend to care for each child placed in their home. The stipend is to assist them in the care of the child. The range of the stipend can be anywhere from $13.04 to $55.00 per day for each child, based on the age of the child, his/her needs, the foster parent’s skills, training, and level of service they agree to provide.

To review the leveling for stipends, click Leveling Stipends PDF | Word

Can I choose the age range and gender of the child I want to care for?

Yes. We try to match a child to a family based on strengths and needs.

Isn’t it hard to give up a child once you become attached?

Loving the child and then sending him/her back to a healthier family are the hardest and most important parts of a foster parent’s job. By helping the child stay connected to his/her family, foster parents often feel they have contributed to the strengthening of the child’s family.

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