2015 Annual Foster Parent Training and Recognition Conference
Finding Hope: Believing in the Possibilities
Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @ Dover Downs

  • Registration and Breakfast Buffet 7:45am
  • Conference and Recognition Banquet 8:30am to 4:00pm

This one day event features 16 trainings to choose from and counts as 6 hours of training towards your annual training requirements. A buffet breakfast and sit-down luncheon will be provided. Free parking will be available as well.

There are three ways to register for the event:

  • Call Prevent Child Abuse Delaware at 302-425-7490.
  • Fax the registration form to Prevent Child Abuse Delaware at 302-425-7494.
  • Online registrationClick image to register online

General Information

Foster Care is the temporary care in your home for a child who has been removed from his/her home due to abuse, neglect, or dependency. The goal for most foster children is to return to their parent(s) when the circumstances that led to the foster placement have been resolved. However, sometimes children are not able to return home and need a permanent family. This is accomplished through adoption. Oftentimes, foster parents adopt the foster children they care for. The Division of Family Services offers special training and support to foster parents who decide to adopt.

The best place for children is with their families. However, sometimes there are unfortunate circumstances that require children to be moved into a foster home. While children are in a foster home, the birth parent(s) can focus on resolving difficult, personal issues. Caseworkers and foster parents will work with the children's biological family to help make necessary changes.

Children in need of foster homes range in age from infants through teens and come from all racial and ethnic groups. Some children have special physical or education needs and many require special support to catch up both educationally and socially with their peers.

By welcoming a child into your home and showing them love and guidance, you are giving them a gift that will benefit the child for the rest of his/her life.  And while most children in foster care are returned to their parents or another family member, your time with them will allow them to live in your heart forever.          

Foster Care Contact Information

Mailing Address:

1825 Faulkland Road
Wilmington, DE  19805

General Information:


Office Phone Numbers:

New Castle County  302-451-2800
Kent County            302-739-4800
Sussex County        302-422-1400