Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services

Reportable Events and Notification Procedures Provider Quick Reference

PBHS-ADM001   Development and Revision of Policies
PBHS-ADM002   Environment of Care
PBHS-ADM003   Surveillance, Prevention, and Control of Infections
PBHS-ADM004   Policy on Ethics
PBHS-ADM005   Information Management Policy
PBHS-ADM006   Training Administration
PBHS-ADM007   Provider Network Membership Policy
PBHS-ADM008   Utilization Review Policy
PBHS-ADM009   Emergency Preparedness
PBHS-ADM010   Performance Improvement
PBHS-ADM011   Quality Management Committee Policy
PBHS-ADM012   Corporate Compliance
PBHS-ADM013   Communication Policy
PBHS-ADM014   Employee Alternative Work Schedule
PBHS-ADM015   Employee Flexible Work Schedule
PBHS-ADM016   Conducting Workplace Investigations

PBHS-CS101   Service Eligibility
PBHS-CS002   Confidentiality
PBHS-CS003   Intake Policy
PBHS-CS004   Clinical Services Management Policy Relating To Care Assurance
PBHS-CS105   Appeal Policy
PBHS-CS106   Complaint Policy
PBHS-CS007   Travel With Clients
PBHS-CS008   Youth and Family Rights

PBHS-PI001     Consumer Records Policy
PBHS-PI002     Client Incident Reporting Policy
PBHS-PI003     Provider Monitoring and Evaluation

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