Providers must have a contract in order to do business with DPBHS.

Once providers are under contract with DPBHS, they are expected to meet standards of professional practice as outlined in the DPBHS Treatment Provider Manual. This manual is incorporated by reference in the contracts signed by providers.

DPBHS contractors are also expected to follow the minimum DSCYF standards set forth by the Department in the DSCYF Operating Guidelines incorporated by reference in contracts.

Contracts require providers to abide by DPBHS and DSCYF policies and procedures as they apply to services being provided.

Level of Care Criteria

Billing Manual and Information


Forms for Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

Medicaid Benefits for Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment

Operating Guidelines, Policies, Procedures, and Manuals

DPBHS Treatment Provider Contacts

Program Administrator Unit – For all program administration issues, contractual issues, or concerns regarding your contract, please contact your assigned DPBHS Program Administrator. If you are uncertain as to whom to contact for program administration issues, please contact the Manager of Provider Services.

Yolanda Jenkins, Manager of Provider Services

Paulette Robinson-Wilkerson, Supervisor of Provider Services

Chanae LaSalle, Program Administrator

JP McCall, Program Administrator

Billing Unit - For all billing inquiries, please contact your assigned Billing Unit Representative.  If you are uncertain as to whom your assigned representative is, please contact the Billing Manager.

Eartha Hopkins, Billing Manager

April Deel, Billing Unit Representative

Aliceia Higginbotham, Billing Unit Representative

Adriane Crisden, Billing Unit Representative

Making Referrals for a Higher Level of Care

Any provider who believes a higher level of care is needed for their client should call DPBHS Intake at (302) 633-2571.

Provider Forums

Provider Forums are  held quarterly and unless stipulated otherwise are in Room 198 – 199 at the Delaware Youth and Family Center, 1825 Faulkland Road, Wilmington, DE 19805.