The Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services (DPBHS), as a part of a state organization, must follow laws, policies and procedures that are created to assure fair business practices. To this end, the Division solicits bids on regular schedules for the majority of services. Providers must respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). To find RFP’s currently available, please check the statewide bid directory at Once the RFP process is completed, and contracts are successfully negotiated, agencies become a part of the Division’s network of providers.

Once providers are under contract with DPBHS, they are expected to meet standards of professional practice as outlined in the DPBHS Treatment Provider Manual. This manual is incorporated by reference in the contracts signed by providers.

All licensed practitioners who are contracted independently or who are employed by a DPBHS contracted agency must submit the DPBHS Human Resources Data Form to their assigned program administrator as designated by the DPBHS Provider Manual.

DPBHS contractors are also expected to follow the minimum DSCYF standards set forth by the Department in the DSCYF Operating Guidelines incorporated by reference in contracts.

Contracts require providers to abide by DPBHS and DSCYF policies and procedures as they apply to services being provided.

Use of Out-of-Network Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

Under some circumstances, DPBHS may use an out-of network provider. Please review the policy, Using Out-of-Network Providers [ PDF | Word ].

DPBHS is a public, accredited managed care organization. All licensed practitioners who are contracted independently or who are employed by a DPBHS contractor must present credentials to the appropriate credentialing committee.

If a licensed practitioner works for a JCAHO, COA, CHAP or CARF accredited agency, credentialing usually takes place at that agency. If a licensed practitioner is in private practice or is employed by an agency not accredited by one of the above, the clinician must have credentials approved by the designated DPBHS point of contact.