Outpatient Services Counseling for Less Urgent Problems

Most of the time, outpatient services will be all that is needed to help with the problem. Appointments are about once a week.

To find an outpatient therapist near your home, click on the DPBHS brochure English version or Spanish version .

No one will be denied services because of inability to pay.  You may be asked to contribute a small amount but not more than you can afford.

The provider will also ask about your child’s problems and how long they have been present. They will ask how often the behaviors  occur and how intense they are. They do this to find out how quickly to provide help and who the best person to help would be.

Importance of the Family as Part of the Treatment Team

The parents are the most important members of a child’s treatment team. There are many different kinds of families. “Parents” are the people the child looks to in that role from day to day.

  • Parents know more about their child than anyone.
  • Parents know what works best with their child when trying to change behavior.
  • Children look to their parents for guidance, support and example (even when it feels like they don’t).
  • Parents can support the treatment at home. They will be able to tell the therapist if treatment is working and will be able to make suggestions for making it work better. 

The treatment team may also include other helpers such as religious leaders, youth workers, school staff, etc. Since behavioral health treatment is confidential, a therapist would need a signed release from a parent before involving others as part of the team.

Notice of Privacy Practices

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