"Making Data Work for Our Customers" The I&A Unit aims to provide quality data management services in support of the Department's operational needs and strategic goals. The I&A Unit, established in 1996, works to support DMSS Division goals of effective information systems, skilled and stable workforce, satisfied internal customers, and continuous quality management.  I&A strategic goals are to increase capacity, capability and support for data and information management across the Department. Activities focus on improving data integrity and report quality where Department owned data is used.

These combined missions require inter-divisional cooperation and close collaboration with Management of Information Services, the Office of Case Management and the Program, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.

A staff of four full-time Sr. Application Support Specialists is located in the main Administration Building. Their work supports the Department's Family and Child Tracking System (FACTS) which is funded under DHHS ACF Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) regulations. In addition, I&A supports the data needs of the fiscal staff that use data from the Delaware Financial Management System (DFMS).

Toward the above stated goals, the I&A Unit functions include a variety of data management tasks:  

  • Collaborating with and providing user support to report writing staff in data units across the department
    • Support may include training, mentoring, and technical and non-technical assistance
  • Maintaining FACTS schematic data models and data dictionaries
  • Developing routine and ad hoc queries and reports including maintenance 
  • Scheduling or running reports on request
  • Coordinating and participating in the process of reviewing report documentation to insure reports and documentation meet agreed upon standards
  • Partnering with MIS to document and manage data exchanges with external agencies
  • Leading or participating in information management projects across the department such as the Departmental Report System project and FACTS II
  • Maintaining query writer software
  • Collaborating with MIS and PM&E to improve information management support services
  • Collaborating with FACTS Liaisons to improve the quality of FACTS data 
  • Collaborating with DSCYF query writers to improve the quality of reports and productivity of query writers

Department-Wide Reporting System