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I have questions about the request for proposals process. Where can I find answers?

There is a separate list of frequently asked questions for requests for proposals posted on the DSCYF RFP internet site.  Return to the page where you found this list of questions and click on “Request for Proposals” at the top of the page.  Once on the Request for Proposals look for the  “Frequently Asked Questions” link near the top.

Are all Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families (DSCYF) contracts competitively bid?

No, professional service purchases under $50,000 a year can be purchased on the open-market without the use of a competitive bidding process.

Under what part of the Delaware Code does DSCYF competitively bid its professional services?

DSCYF bids most of its services under Title 29 Chapter 69 Section 6981 Large professional service procurement process ( of the Delaware Code.  However, occasionally another section of the code is used for a service when it is more appropriate.  The governing section of the Delaware Code is identified in the Request for Proposals (RFPs).

Do I need a business license to contract with DSCYF?

You are required to have all licenses required by the jurisdictional authority where you provide services.  If you provide services within the State of Delaware you are required to have a State of Delaware business license unless you are a non-profit/not-for-profit agency for which this requirement is waived.  However, regardless of your tax filing status you are required to have any other professional/clinical licenses required to provide the specific services you provide.  Delaware business licenses can be obtained from the Division of Revenue at 302-577-5800.

Where can I get information about being licensed by DSCYF to provide residential child care services, day treatment services, child placing services, transitional living services or to be a daycare provider?

The Office of Child Care Licensing within DSCYF is responsible for licensing these types of agencies.  You can find information by going to

How can my agency receive email notifications for contracting opportunities?

An individual or agency can register for State of Delaware procurement opportunity notifications by going to and following the instructions to register.

I’m a woman or minority owned business enterprise.  Is there someplace I can register as such with the State of Delaware?

Yes, go to Delaware’s Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprise (OMWBE) and register as such.

Who do I contact if I have questions related to the DSCYF Contracting Process?

You should contact the DSCYF Procurement Administrator.  The contact information is posted on both the DSCYF Contracting Information and Request for Proposals internet pages where you found this list of frequently asked questions.

If you have questions not addressed above, please contact the DSCYF Procurement Administrator via the contact information on the DSCYF Contracting Information and Request for Proposals internet pages.