Stop child abuse - call the Report Line at 1-800-292-9582
If you believe a child is in imminent danger of being harmed, please call 911.

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Child Abuse/Neglect Allegations

* Does the parent/caretaker or child have substance abuse concerns?: See more / See less
Does the substance abuse of the caretaker interfere with the ability to parent their child?

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Are you aware of one or more incidents between the parents that the children witnessed and/or heard in your opinion have been negatively affected? Are you aware of any police activity at the home due to the domestic violence?

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Describe why you believe the child(ren) have been or are at risk of abuse, neglect or dependency. What act or actions are creating the unsafe conditions for the child(ren)?

Reporter Information

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Example: Wilmington Police, Christiana Hospital or A.I. DuPont High School

Involved Persons

All alleged victims and their parents/caretakers and all known household members must be identified.

Date of Birth or


Group Relationship/



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Use specific names when describing the incident and be as specific about injuries and dates of when this occurred. Please indicate if you yourself witnessed the incident.

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Most families have supports, positive traits or other strengths that rise above any specific incident. Explain anything positive in the family that would help them weather difficult situations and/or what you view as positive traits of the family. Examples could be: employment, connection to civic organizations, supportive family etc. Try and describe a time when things in this family’s life was going well.

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Do you have any suggestions as far as what would help this family? What type of service or intervention is needed to aid this family?

Please be advised that at submission of this report an email confirmation will be sent to the reporter at the Reporter Email Address provided.