First off, I would like to thank not only one or two or three individuals, I want to thank the whole Ferris School Education Unit for helping me achieve a dream come true earning my high school diploma.  It’s been times when I’ve hit a bump on the road and just wanted to give up and someone would give me some positive feedback to lift my spirit.

I would like to thank my mom for raising a creative child into a young man growing up with no father around to put me in check.  When I did wrong she corrected me and made me stronger.  I look at Ferris as a turn around for me.  It made me look at all the selfish things I was doing and it made me think why was I doing these things to myself.  At that point I didn’t know why, but recently I found out from my minister of faith of Islam, Brother Quinton Archibald, it’s because I didn’t use the discipline that was taught to me by my mother when I was out on the streets.

There are a lot of people who want to be a big rap star, famous actor and I now know that I needed to get my education first and then work on my career in music.  I was talking to one of my peers on the cluster where I reside and we were talking about the rap business.  My peer told me many youth without a father figure in their lives are interested in the rap music world.  I may not have had a father in my life, but I’m going to use my creative birth gifts to be the best man that I can be using my talent and abilities.

I love music and I’m not going to stop until I achieve my goal of getting a record deal.  My mom always told me you have to work hard for what you want and what you believe in.  I believe I’m not done yet, no more hearing about me committing crimes.  I’m going to take this education and go far. There are still things I have to learn about life before I leave this world.

I want to thank a man named Mr. Gregory for believing I have talent and can achieve a career in music.  I want to thank a wise man named Mr. Quinton Archibald for preparing me for life struggles and the preparation for me and others to become a man. 

Tyshae W.

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Within the last year a lot of positive changes took place in my life and I owe it all to two individuals.  First, I want to thank Ms. Barto for helping me achieve my GED while I was being held at New Castle County Detention Center which opened a big door for me when I entered Ferris School.

I didn’t think that there was anything else for me to do since I already achieved my GED, but then an opportunity to develop my skills and learn a trade to improve my career options was offered to me at Ferris.

I accepted the offer and challenge which put me where I am today with two certifications in Network Cabling and a good job for the future working with Mr. Mr. Draper and their Integrity Solutions Company upon my release from Mowlds Cottage.  How awesome, thanks to all the work of Ms. Ashley Biden, the department Job Developer.

I also owe it all to Mr. Gregory for helping and supporting me though the C-Tech program. Thanks to Ms. Barto and Mr. Gregory I am going to be able to do something very special with my life. Now I finally realized that everything happens for a reason. I stayed focus and accomplished a dream come true.  Thank you…

Ronald S.

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I would like to say that Ferris has honestly changed my life.  Upon becoming incarcerated. I have realized that it is perfectly sane and normal to turn a quite negative experience into a positive situation.  Although sad, I truly believe that if I never was incarcerated I would not have had the will to continue my education. 

Ferris School has been a mysteriously abrupt eye opener.  Ferris which started of in my perspective as a facility that was a waste of time and didn’t have an ample amount of opportunities for the crying needs for its residents seemed to change overnight.

For me specifically, the C-Tech program has helped me fine tune my God given abilities to work with cabling and technology.  I now am certified not only to work with copper based systems but also to work with the newest technology of fiber optics.  While being incarcerated, I have earned my GED and learned a job trade skill having both advantages that will make me more marketable for employment opportunities when I transition back to my home and community.

I owe sincere thanks to Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Allen-McIntyre, Ms. Sowa and Ms. Oliver for helping me when I needed support and allowing me to partake in this program.  To conclude this speech I think that every individual should take this life changing opportunity that the C-Tech Program offers them while it is still available.

Jeremy T.

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