Children Poem

Children like me don't know their dads.
Children like me don't live with their moms.
Children like me don't have any home.
Children like me don't have anyone to lean on.
Children like me are very smart and know a lot.
Children like me don't know how to handle their angry.
Children like me are abandon.
Children like me know right from wrong and always does wrong.
Children like me have a lot of black clouds in their lives.
Children like me have bumps in the road and don't know what path to take.
Children like me might end up in jail if they don't straighten up and fly right.
Children like me have straight A's but a lot of anger inside of them.
Children like me needs help and someone to care for them.
Children like me feels ashame of themselves.
Children like me have low self-esteem and don't like themselves.
Children like me always get in trouble with the law.
I feel bad for myself and children like me.

Foster Care Youth
April 2009

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Young Soul

First feel
Then feel
Then read
Then fall
Or stand
Where you already are.
Think of yourself,
And otherselves.
Think of your parents,
Your mother
Long lost father
Then feel
Or fall on your knees.
If nothing else will move you
Then read and look deeply into all matters
Come close to you city girls
Country boys.
Make some music in your head
But use the muscle in your heart.

Keishla F.
Foster Care Youth
April 2009

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Love and Hate

Love me or Hate me
I really don't care at all
I've no enemies

Andrew S.
Foster Care Youth
January 2009

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Missing Love

Missing love is like missing life.
Some things you need and want when it's not in sight.
Missing love is like being caged in shackles,
Reaching for your heart when you're unable to grab it.
Therefore I am the creator of my missing love.
And until I see right I seek that one man above.
Missing love is like your first kiss,
When you have that tingling feeling running through your lips.
But you tend to reminisce
Not knowing that this is something you'll truly miss.
There is emotion running through my heart.
Is like a sharpened pencil and your shooting it like a dart.
Missing love is like missing him.
You think about him twenty four -seven.
But you're wondering in a glimpse
I believe in your mind, Body and spirit.
That missing love will find you in the night,
When you're unable to hear it.

Grace Cottage
December 2008

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Think of the Child First

When I was 6, my dad got arrested.
When I was 6, I learned my lesson.

When I was 6, people came in and out of my life.
When I was 6 my mother said my father had to pay the price.

When I was 6, I found out my dad went to jail.
When I was 6, my older brothers told me things that would only make me fail.

After thinking long and hard, the last thing I remember when I was 6 makes me
wonder why my dad is still on my Father's Day list.

Remember "Think of the Child First," you will be missed.

Roddick C.
Ferris School
Friday, June 13, 2008

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What I thought I had was nothing at all.
What I thought was helpful only helped me fall.
Although I don't possess a bad memory of her,
She is the action that has caused bad memories after her.
Who is to give up on a child that knew no better?
Do my daily struggles effect her whatsoever?
My eyes meet her eyes, but my heart meets the floor.
No matter how much I need her, she cannot be found.
She should see me and realize my heart is torn.
My voice should be more than a sound with words.

Courtney C.
Foster Care Youth
Summer 2008

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My Father

My father is loving caring and true
My father is willing to do anything for you
My father will fight and try to protect
For me my father will risk his neck
My father loves me and always will
My father understands me and knows how I feel
My father works hard five times a week
Just so my family has something to eat
My father shows me unconditional love
And doesn't mind talking or sparing a hug
Through trials and tribulations my father stays strong
My father sticks by me even when I am wrong
My father endorses all the pain I cause
And still chooses to love me just because
Me and my father are so much alike
So when things go wrong we sometimes fight
My father loves me like no other
And feels the same towards my sisters and brothers
Who is this person you may ask
For all my life my father has been my mother

Kevin F.
Ferris School

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HAPPINESS is a state of glee,
HAPPINESS is what sets us free.
It's accompanied with a laugh,
No one can stop it, not even the staff.
It's something that starts with a smile!
That we know was hidden all the while!
All you have to do is go an extra mile!
All you have to do is bear through the trial!
If you do these things for others you'll see,
That happiness will spread like the roots of a tree!
That happiness will be impossible to steal!
It will forever be there for you to see and feel!
Happiness will spread like the current fad!
And you can never truly be sad.

A Youth
Ferris School

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