The Juvenile Civil Citation Program is a statewide civil alternative to the formal arrest and criminal prosecution of youth under 18 who commit certain low-level misdemeanor offenses. Its primary purpose is to prevent further delinquency, and appropriately address participating youth offenses without creating a criminal record. The program offers law enforcement the option of issuing the youth a civil citation in lieu of arrest. During the 90-day program period, participating youth are required to contact pre-assigned community providers to complete an assessment to identify their risk and needs. They also must complete five (5) hours of community service, write a letter of apology, and work towards reducing potential future contact with the juvenile justice system.

Contact Information

To find out how civil citation can make an impact in your community, contact:

Donna M. Pugh, Esquire
Juvenile Civil Citation Coordinator
DSCYF – Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services
1825 Faulkland Road
Wilmington, DE 19805

Telephone: (302) 633-2633
Email: donna.pugh@state.de.us


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