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About the gallery

On any given day, there are approximately 50 children in Delaware waiting for an adoptive family. Each child is unique and in need of the love and support only a family can provide. Every month, two portraits of children currently available for adoption in Delaware are highlighted in this online Heart Gallery.

Please contact Lisa K. T. Jumps, M.Ed., Permanency Administrator, Division of Family Services, 302.633.2658, Lisa.Jumps@state.de.us

January 2015

Picture of Ezra, April 2008 heart gallery child. Click picture to view larger image.Jessica, born in 2000, has hazel eyes and long, straight hair she prefers to wear in a ponytail.  Bursting with personality, energetic and sweet, she is talkative. She loves pop music and enjoys interacting with her peers. She is currently enrolled in and absolutely loves a judo class.  She also participates in basketball. Jessica is an avid animal lover, especially liking horses. She enjoys small children and interacts very well with them. Jessica would do well with a single mother as a single child or with very young siblings. She would also like a family open to maintaining some minimal contact with her biological mother.

Click picture to view larger image. Makayla, born in 2001, is an imaginative, fun-loving girl who enjoys sharing her creative stories with others. She loves stuffed animals and enjoys reading factual books. Makayla has asthma, allergies, and von Willebrand disease, a treatable, manageable blood disorder causing difficulty in her blood clotting normally; she requires special medication as needed. Makayla would love to be with a family of her own to encourage her already-vivid imagination and to care about her.

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