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On any given day, there are approximately 50 children in Delaware waiting for an adoptive family. Each child is unique and in need of the love and support only a family can provide. Every month, two portraits of children currently available for adoption in Delaware are highlighted in this online Heart Gallery.

Please contact Lisa K. T. Jumps, M.Ed., Permanency Administrator, Division of Family Services, 302.633.2658, Lisa.Jumps@state.de.us

October 2014

Click picture to view larger image.Madison, born in 2006, is an adorable, bubbly, talkative girl who loves to be funny. She enjoys roller skating, swimming, playing with dolls, and watching her favorite T.V. show, SpongeBob Square Pants.

Energetic and happy, she also has many layers of hurt and disappointment. Madison is still learning to understand the loss of her former adoptive family. She continues to struggle with and work on appropriate boundaries and social skills.

Madison would do best with a two-parent family or with a single mom.  If there are other children, it would be preferable for her to be the youngest. All families are welcome to inquire.

Click picture to view larger image.Zayviona or "Zay" as she likes to be called, was born in 2003 and is a sweet, smart girl in need of a very committed and loving family. Zay loves to read and is a straight A student!  She loves swimming and "girly" things such as shopping and getting her hair and nails done.

Zay has had a lot of unfortunate experiences in her life which have made it difficult for her to trust adults to take care of her. Despite her experiences, she still desires to be part of a permanent family, and after all she's been through, this shows how resilient she is!

Zay has some medical issues which require some monitoring, but, overall, she is a healthy girl who is developmentally on target. even advanced in many ways. Zay will take time to adjust in a new family, but with commitment, structure and love, she will continue to grow.


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September 2014

Click picture to view larger image.KA’RON, born in 2008, is an adorable young boy who enjoys being athletic by playing football, soccer, riding bikes and being outside. Ka'Ron has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh. He is enrolled in regular education classes and is educationally on target with no delays.  Ka'Ron has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma in his young life and has been in multiple placements. Ka'Ron has an older half-sister, and it will be important for this relationship to be maintained. Ka'Ron is very knowledgeable about his past and is making strides in learning to deal with his losses.  He deserves to have a family that will understand who he is and will keep him safe and provide support and love.

QUASON was born in 2000.  He is a polite and responsible boy placed with his brother Daequan in a foster home where the boys have remained stable since early 2011. Quason is healthy and developmentally on target. He is in regular education classes. Quason and his brother participate in weekly outpatient therapy.

DAEQUAN, who was born in 2002, is an upbeat and friendly boy  residing in the same foster home as his older brother Quason and does well in this placement. He is healthy and developmentally on target. Daequan is in regular education classes at his local elementary school, receiving daily assistance from a reading and math specialist.

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August 2014

Click picture to view larger image. Davryanna, born in 2002, prefers to be called “Dayanna” and is an energetic, bright child. A naturally high-energy, athletic girl who enjoys sports such as basketball and any outdoor activity,  she also likes to dance, listen to music, play video games, and loves anything “Hello Kitty”. She describes herself as a kind and loving person who tries not to bully other kids and loves animals. She would do well in an active, two-parent, traditional family or with a single mother residing in Delaware or in surrounding states, as a single child or with a minimum number of other children with a significant gap in age. She maintains a close connection with her maternal grandmother, so a family would need to be open to ongoing contact with her.

Click picture to view larger image. Friendly and eager to please, Zyann, born in 2000. is a very social girl who loves singing and dancing, especially to her favorite artist, Beyoncé. Zyann has experienced multiple stressors in her life and has some problems with her behavior because of this. She is educationally behind in school and does have an IEP. She also receives out-patient therapy to help with identify feelings and work on her behavior.

Tyanna was born in 2002 and, like her sister, loves singing and dancing. Tyanna is a girly-girl and enjoys dressing up and playing with dolls. She is a sociable girl and seems to make friends easily. She is a follower who really looks up to her older sister Zyann. Tyanna has an IEP and participates in out-patient therapy services for her behavior. She is also learning how to better manage her emotions. .

Zyann and Tyanna are engaging and friendly girls who need to a permanent home together. As they have experienced a lot of hurt and disappointment in the past, they need a family that will understand their needs and provide them with unconditional love. The girls would like to find a permanent home with a two-parent, African-American couple.

"Only accepting home studies for two-parent families at this time”

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July 2014

Click picture to view larger image.CAMI, born in 1997, is a sweet, Hispanic/Latino teenager with an affectionate personality. She is a bubbly and fun teenager with a lot of love and laughter to bring to anyone’s life.  She has a developmental disability.  Cami does best when kept on a routine and is made aware of the changes in her schedule. She does exceptionally well responding to discipline and usually needs redirection only once. Occasionally, she will lose a special privilege when she has not corrected her behavior. As long as Cami is provided with clear directions and consequences, she will follow and meet expectations. Two-parent families or a single mom and a home with no other children is preferred at this time.  However, Cami would like to have a sibling or siblings to share her life with. It is important that any family adopting Cami is able to provide her with patience, understanding, structure and love.

Click picture to view larger image.James, born in 2005, is a handsome, passionate, kind, and caring boy who loves playing outside with the neighborhood children, riding his bike, playing football, and watching TV and movies. He is comfortable meeting new people and easily engages with others. Having experienced many transitions in his young life and experiencing a great deal of anxiety and anger around not living with his biological family, James will need a patient, understanding family to help him process his losses and understand that he will always love his biological family.

Makayla, born in 2006, is a beautiful, kind girl who loves to spend time playing outdoors, riding her bike, and playing with her friends. She also loves to play with dolls. Makayla takes great pride in her school work and excels easily. She engages well with others and is often found giggling and smiling. Makayla has not fully processed the loss of her biological family. While she is not acting out currently, her adoptive family will need to understand how to help her process her losses. Makayla may present with some behavioral challenges as she transitions into an adoptive family.

Only accepting homestudies from DE, NJ, MD, and PA.

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June 2014

Click picture to view larger image. AR’NEZ, born in 2011, is a handsome young boy with a warm smile. He is a fragile child with preexisting medical conditions, which have caused him to not meet some developmental milestones. Due to his medical conditions, Ar’nez does require numerous appointments with physicians. While he does have limited physical and social development, he is able to respond to stimulation and is able to display his personality. Ar’nez enjoys watching TV, looking out the window, and playing with his toys.  One of his favorite pastimes is taking a ride in the car. He enjoys being cuddled and loved and being in a familiar, predictable routine environment. Ar’nez would do best in a family that is patient when he gets frustrated with his inability to communicate. He needs a family comfortable with his medical needs and that can advocate for him and who is willing to have a flexible schedule to accommodate his medical appointments.

Click picture to view larger image. MESSIAH, born in 2000, is a handsome young man. He does well in school and enjoys math, science, and reading. He does have some behavior issues in school, but he is working hard to control his negative actions. Messiah is active and loves to roller skate, swim, and play basketball. Messiah is known to be a “picky eater” but  is learning to develop a more advanced palate! Messiah loves cars and dreams of becoming a car salesman when he grows up.  Messiah has a sister with whom it would be desirable for him to maintain contact. Messiah is a wonderful teen who needs to find his great forever family!

No Longer Interested in Adoption

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May 2014

Click picture to view larger image. Gabrielle (Gabby), born in 2001, is adorable, very smart, artistic, active, and sociable. She enjoys writing in her journal and making friendship bracelets. She also enjoys fashion and wearing designer clothes and jewelry. Gabby is enrolled in regular education classes and is a good student. Having experienced various types of trauma (abandonment, abuse, and neglect), Gabby has been in foster care multiple times. The oldest of three children, it is important for her to maintain consistent contact with her younger siblings.

Click picture to view larger image. Makayla, born in 2001, is an imaginative, fun-loving girl who enjoys sharing her creative stories with others. She loves stuffed animals and enjoys reading factual books. Makayla has asthma, allergies, and von Willebrand disease, a treatable, manageable blood disorder causing difficulty in her blood clotting normally; she requires special medication as needed. Makayla would love to be with a family of her own to encourage her already-vivid imagination and to care about her.

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April 2014

Picture of Ezra, April 2008 heart gallery child. Click picture to view larger image.Jessica, born in 2000, has hazel eyes and long, straight hair she prefers to wear in a ponytail.  Bursting with personality, energetic and sweet, she is talkative. She loves pop music and enjoys interacting with her peers. She is currently enrolled in and absolutely loves a judo class.  She also participates in basketball. Jessica is an avid animal lover, especially liking horses. She enjoys small children and interacts very well with them. Jessica would do well with a single mother as a single child or with very young siblings. She would also like a family open to maintaining some minimal contact with her biological mother.

Picture of Ezra, April 2008 heart gallery child. Click picture to view larger image.Nadia, born in 2005, is sweet, caring, loving, bright, and bubbly with a great smile and an infectious laugh. She loves to be silly and funny; she enjoys playing with blocks and dolls. She is very helpful around the house. Nadia has her own opinions and can be quite tenacious; however, she is also friendly and lovable. Nadia has a younger half-sister placed in a separate, pre-adoptive home. She needs a family willing to maintain contact between the girls. Nadia loves school but sometimes struggles academically; she is a skilled reader and speller. Her teachers report that she is always willing to take her time and work diligently. Nadia gets along with her peers and is friendly to just about everyone she meets. She is well liked by adults and is usually compliant and respectful. Nadia does enjoy fantasizing, often telling non-factual stories. She does not lie but tells what she wants to believe. Nadia has a good appetite and is not a picky eater . She loves to be read to at bedtime and enjoys time with her caregivers. Nadia experienced a great deal of neglect and trauma when she was very young. Consequently, she needs to be allowed to be a child now in a family able to help her make up for some of the typical childhood experiences that were not provided. Enthusiastic about most activities, she is always chatty. It is really fun to spend time with her.

Not Currently Recruiting

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March 2014

Click picture to view larger image.JHANVIEY, born in 1998, is a charming, handsome, and engaging boy. He has a wonderful smile and is very social. He is naturally athletic and passionate about several sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. He also loves video games. He is originally from Louisiana and is a huge Saints fan. He loves Cajun food! While he is generally well-behaved, he struggles with maintaining passable grades. He would thrive in a permanent family able to provide the emotional, nurturing, academic guidance, attention, and consistency he needs. We are ideally searching for a two-parent or single-parent, traditional family. Jhanviey would also feel most comfortable with a family of his own racial background.

Click picture to view larger image.Tyrell, born in 1999, is handsome and,  generally, quiet around adults, as he must develop trust in them before he speaks. He gets along well with other youth in his home but seems to prefer being alone. He enjoys basketball but has never been on a team,  playing  mostly for fun with other boys in his home.  Tyrell is looking for a family in the same geographical area in which he currently resides but may be willing to look at a nearby family.

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February 2014

Click picture to view larger image.Outgoing Juwon, born in 1997, is a charismatic comedian who loves to make people laugh, getting along well with most people and very popular with his peers. His favorite activities are drawing, dancing, playing drums, video games, and basketball.  He sometimes struggles with the stigma of being a child in foster care.

Juwon - No Longer Interested in Adoption

Click picture to view larger image. Tyrek, born in 2000, is  very friendly and enjoys attention and affection. He loves football, basketball, baseball, and enjoys video games; his most treasured possession is his Nintendo DS!  He strives to do well in school.  He looks up to his older brother and looks to him for guidance.   They need a consistent, patient family to help them work through the loss of their family and grow into successful young men.

Click picture to view larger image.Born in 1998, Victoria is a very good student planning to attend college to become a nurse.  She has a great sense of humor and cares about others, making friends easily; she loves to laugh and have a good time but can be serious as needed.  A typical, energetic teen involved in many activities, she participates in the drama club and marching band Color Guard, enjoys talking on the phone, social activities, the Internet,  movies, reading, TV, current events, and volunteering as her Youth Advisory Council secretary.  Victoria can push limits but is reasonable and accepts consequences.  She had a difficult life full of trauma but works to heal from her it. Her younger sister is placed in a different home; Victoria often served as her sister’s parent and needs a family open to contact between the girls.

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January 2014

Click picture to view larger image. Born in 2001, Keith has a smile that lights up a room,  a very caring nature, and  concern for others. Keith is full of energy, enjoys staying busy, and is one of the first to help with household chores. Keith can fluctuate between being very friendly and outgoing to sullen and angry, however, these feelings are to be expected from a child who has had as many losses in his life as Keith has had.  Keith is interested in being adopted locally by a 'nice' family with cats and dogs. Out of loyalty to his own siblings, Keith is not sure at this time whether he would be comfortable being adopted by a family that already has children. It is very important to him that his new family be open to visits with his siblings.  Keith receives special education services at school. He enjoys going to school but admits that his grades are “not that great'. He enjoys attending church. He loves to be on the computer, both for fun and for school projects. His recent passion is fishing! He loves to talk about the sport and if taken to a park, he will cast his line for hours if you let him. He does not, however, like to take the fish off his line or touch the fish; he depends on someone else for this!

Click picture to view larger image. Born in 2000, Zyann is friendly, eager to please, and a very social girl. She loves singing, dancing, and modeling. Zyann also enjoys dressing up and going to church on Sundays. She likes to spend time with her sister and likes to braid hair.  Zyann has experienced multiple stressors in her life and has some problems with her behavior because of this. She is educationally behind in school and does have an IEP. She also receives out-patient therapy to help with identify feelings and to work on her behavior. Zyann is a leader and will do anything to please and protect her younger sister, Tyanna.

Born in 2002, Tyanna, like her sister, loves singing and dancing.  She is a sociable girl and seems to make friends easily. Tyanna also enjoys getting dressed up for church. She is a follower who really looks up to her older sister Zyann.  Tyanna has an IEP and gets out-patient therapy services for her behavior. She is also learning how to better manage her emotions. She receives weekly tutoring for her school work. Tyanna has had past diagnoses of Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Zyann and Tyanna are engaging and friendly girls who need to be together within a permanent family that will understand their needs and love them unconditionally.

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