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About the gallery

On any given day, there are approximately 50 children in Delaware waiting for an adoptive family. Each child is unique and in need of the love and support only a family can provide. Every month, two portraits of children currently available for adoption in Delaware are highlighted in this online Heart Gallery.

Please contact Lisa K. T. Jumps, M.Ed., Permanency Administrator, Division of Family Services, 302.633.2658, Lisa.Jumps@state.de.us

March 2015

Click picture to view larger image.NEHEMIAH, born in 2001, is handsome, lovable, and often quiet and laid back. Timid upon meeting new people, he quickly warms up when comfortable. Nehemiah is energetic around his siblings and in familiar places. He also has comedic ways when with his siblings, such as making silly comments and “poking” those he loves. He enjoys watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet; he is fascinated by insects and animals. He adores comedy movies, such as Madea Goes to Jail, and mystery novels.   His favorite foods are pizza, hot dogs, and most of all, popcorn! He loves listening to music with Gospel as his favorite. His favorite classes are math and science. Nehemiah is ready to become part of a permanent family that will provide nurturance and acceptance. He is one minute older than his twin sister. He has several older and younger siblings with whom he wants to remain in contact.

NAKIYAH, born in 2001, is beautiful with a sparkling smile. She enjoys shopping at the mall, manicures, pedicures, and texting her friends. She is respectful of  peers and adults in her life, especially those she admires. Shy upon meeting new people, she is engaging when she knows she is in a safe and welcoming place. She takes initiative in completing tasks such as school assignments and meal preparation. She enjoys activities in her local church and Sunday school. She  loves recreational activities, such as swimming at the YMCA, amusement parks, and visiting the beach. Nakiyah can be comical and likes hearing jokes and silly comments. She is a leader among her siblings and can be redirected with gentle guidance. Nakiyah is one minute younger than her twin brother and has older and younger siblings with whom she wants to remain in contact.

ELIJAH, born in 2004, is intelligent, affectionate, energetic and inquisitive. Bashful upon meeting new people, he becomes comfortable once in a friendly atmosphere with amiable people. He enjoys family-oriented events, such as visiting the local YMCA, going to amusement parks, going out to dinner, bowling, and swimming. Elijah enjoys playing video games and board games. He looks forward to going to church and attending Sunday school. Intrigued by church ushers,  he aspires to be one when old enough. Elijah is creative and expresses himself through drawing. He loves to draw different shapes. Elijah is fascinated by architecture, especially sky scrapers and bridges, and is amazed by traffic lights, which he favors drawing due to their colors and design. He is doing well academically and has been on the honor roll. Interested in basketball, he hopes to be on his school basketball team. Elijah is described as a team player and loves being a leader. Elijah desires to keep in contact with his older and younger siblings.

We do not have a group portrait of these three siblings, but we are recruiting a family for the three of them together.

Click picture to view larger image. ANDRE, born in 2005, is a resilient boy who is shy at first but engaging when comfortable. He loves playing video games, sports, and group activities with peers. Although struggling with the loss of his birth family, he is able to share his feelings. He does well in school and has bonded with his siblings. He enjoys going on vacation, riding his bike, and visiting amusement parks. Andre is able to form healthy attachments with adults and peers.

Click picture to view larger image.MARKAYLA, born in 2008 is a fun-loving, very inquisitive little girl who loves coloring, drawing, playing dress up, and painting her nails. Markayla is very verbal with effective use of words. She performs on grade level in school. Markayla has an independent spirit, trying to do things on her own in her desire to help.  Full of energy, she enjoys the park, pool, skating, and staying active. She likes to be hugged and cuddled. Markayla wants to be a ballerina. She is able to form healthy attachments with adults and peers.

Click picture to view larger image.THOMAS, born in 2010, is a spirited, friendly little boy who enjoys playing with his toys, going to the playground, and running around the park. Very affectionate, he likes being hugged and cuddled. He enjoys having his caregivers read to and spend time with him. He likes playing with his older siblings and tries to keep up with them. Thomas enjoys going to preschool and is able to follow direction. Although young, he is able to express his feelings. He is able to disclose if he is happy, confused, angry, or sad and is able to form healthy attachments with adults and peers.

Andre, Markayla and Thomas would thrive in a nurturing, fun-loving family able to meet their emotional and educational needs.  They love going to the beach and to Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.  They dream of visiting Florida.

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February 2015

Click picture to view larger image.Sofia, born in 2005, is sweet and creative, enjoying arts and crafts, especially coloring and painting. She likes swimming, listening to music, painting her nails, and watching the Disney Channel. Sofia has shown an interest in attending church with her current foster family. Her favorite food is homemade macaroni and cheese, and she enjoys going to Friendly’s for special occasions, such as on her birthday.

Sofia is very loving and values the important people in her life, including her birth family members and current foster family, with which she has lived for the majority of her placement in foster care. Sofia’s younger sister is currently placed in a different home, and it will be important for the girls to be able to maintain their relationship. Sofia is in need of a nurturing, committed family; it is believed that she would do best in a home with two parents.

Click picture to view larger image. Tyrek, born in 2000, is  very friendly and enjoys attention and affection. He loves football, basketball, baseball, and enjoys video games; his most treasured possession is his Nintendo DS!  He strives to do well in school.  He looks up to his older brother and looks to him for guidance.   They need a consistent, patient family to help them work through the loss of their family and grow into successful young men.

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January 2015

Picture of Ezra, April 2008 heart gallery child. Click picture to view larger image.Jessica, born in 2000, has hazel eyes and long, straight hair she prefers to wear in a ponytail.  Bursting with personality, energetic and sweet, she is talkative. She loves pop music and enjoys interacting with her peers. She is currently enrolled in and absolutely loves a judo class.  She also participates in basketball. Jessica is an avid animal lover, especially liking horses. She enjoys small children and interacts very well with them. Jessica would do well with a single mother as a single child or with very young siblings. She would also like a family open to maintaining some minimal contact with her biological mother.

Click picture to view larger image. Makayla, born in 2001, is an imaginative, fun-loving girl who enjoys sharing her creative stories with others. She loves stuffed animals and enjoys reading factual books. Makayla has asthma, allergies, and von Willebrand disease, a treatable, manageable blood disorder causing difficulty in her blood clotting normally; she requires special medication as needed. Makayla would love to be with a family of her own to encourage her already-vivid imagination and to care about her.

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